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Mr. R. Chandrashekar, popularly known as CS, is the Chairman & Managing Director of Sigaram Holdings of Companies. He is an MBA graduate with a huge thirst for innovative ideas. He believes in delivering quality rather than merely talking about it. His business acumen and expertise helped him make each of his various businesses successful. He has a proven track of successes in various business verticals viz. Reality, Software Development, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Trading & Telecom.


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With the intention of empowering maximum number of people through his initiatives, Dr. Chandrashekar has built self-starter teams throughout his companies that not only replicate his positive attitude but also achieve desired results efficiently. His emboldening spirit and principles are manifest in every person who works here. Over the years to come, the Sigaram Group is set to dream bigger and reach greater heights.

A Management Degree, more than two decades of experience and a positive approach has helped him mark his presence everywhere. He believes in empowering his various teams and replicating his own positive attitude and character in them. This has equipped them to work unitedly and achieve repeated success. In this manner he has developed successful teams across his various companies, made all of them professional and transformed their lives to the fullest.


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He himself is simple, friendly and easily accessible to everyone. His motivating character has earned him respect and affection from many people in his social and personal life. His vision is to make every man successful and self sufficient, thereby achieving financial freedom. He educates and encourages people to produce more by utilizing their capabilities to the fullest. He provides a chance for every individual to grow and emerge as a millionaire. People are always welcome to come home to ‘Sigaram Holdings’ and grow under his able guidance.


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